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Kortfilm-konkurrencen 60seconds

Conquer the City Space

This year's theme is "Conquer the City Space",

As an extension of the festival public space character and to celebrate our 6th. edition,

we will invite artist to send their statements on the subject, since the festival aims to use existing platforms and the different viewing opportunities that the city offers.

The festival will generate creative stories, commenting on the different uses of public space.

The purpose of 60Seconds Film Festival is to bring ultra-short stories to the bustling city visitor and the persons using the City Space.

Competing short films must not be longer than 60 seconds and with no soundtrack. The film directors have to think in new creative directions, to adapt to these guidelines.

The festival wants to use the public space and involve the busy passing by viewer in a dialogue with the projected film and the artist, thought the places less expected. Movies short format adapts the pulse and meetings audience where they are.

Instead of dragging them into the darkness of the cinema, 60Seconds Film Festival's meets its audience on the street, in the subway, the bus and the train where we all have our lives in public spaces.