2006  Jury Award selection for 60Seconds 

The ten selected films for the first 60seconds festival.

The films where projected at the publicity screens situated in Copenhagen underground stations.

Tokyo Underground by Simon Lereng Wilmont ( Winner of 60seconds 2006).

Morgenbollen by Stine Sofie Ankerbo, Liv Østen Mûller, Joan Westgate Jensen.

Admir by Adi & Mak Omanovic.

Mov-O-Meter by Morten Vest.

The Obscure Fist of Not Lao by Joel Galvez, Åsmund Matzow.

Let Me Freeze in Peace by Roland Øster, Mark Sørensen, Christian Jørgensen, Casper Hansen.

Cup by Jens Axel Beck.

Ninja-Man by Rasmus Riemann.

Flyt mig så by Per Larsen og Igor Radosaljevic.

Good Night and Save Us All by Bent Staalhøj.

  Jury for 60Seconds 2006

Lisa Strömbeck, media and video artist,

Gritt Uldahl Jessen, dramaturg and screenplay writer.

Nils Vest, film director